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By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2014-10-21
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Okay, so like this book does have grammatical errors but that means nothing because of the story line. It took me 36 hours to read it because I was just so engulfed in this story, and it only took that long because I had to go to work. 10/10 recommend this book


One of the best books I’ve ever read. I mean seriously because the characters and the plot is just captivating and really amazing. It’s an emotional roller coaster that you’ll never be bored in because I love read this twice. It’s so god 10/10 recommend. You won’t be disappointed ❤️


I was really excited about reading this book since I kept seeing the movie advertised everywhere on social media ( I prefer the Books over movies). It started out great but then I felt like the main characters were in a constant repeat of arguments about the same thing and felt like maybe this book was written for teenagers. I didn’t enjoy reading it. I kept hoping it would get interesting. I personally couldn’t get into it. It was just OK


I stopped reading a quarter of the way through. The way the author allows the abusiveness of the “love” interest to be endearing is too much for me to stomach. If you are a survivor of an abusive relationship, you could be very triggered.


This book is just such a great storyline. It makes you feel so many things while reading it. You feel as though you are in the position of the characters. This book deals with actual problems and shows how real relationships are. The love story between Tessa and Hardin is one of the greatest I’ve ever read about. This book is just amazing overall.


Honestly, read it for yourself. If you can’t see the talent and thought put into this, I feel bad for you.


Favorite book series of all time. Hessa is my life line and Anna Todd is my hero. <3


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