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By: John Grisham
Relase Date: 2018-10-23
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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After a couple so-so books, The Reckoning is one of John Grisham’s best novels. However, a word of warning, the second part of this book is a harrowing depiction of the Bataan Death March I found very difficult to read. That is not to say it’s bad, it’s just not what you would come to expect from a John Grisham novel. I also dare you to put it down once you get to the last 100 pages. The ending is one of his best.


This was a book with believable, colorful, characters. Starting at the beginning you were gripped by the personalities. Grisham‘s use of time manipulation was very skillful.We started in The present. He took us to the past. We finished once again in the present. Pete was torn by something he felt he had to do. Throughout the novel, we, the reader, we’re always trying to guess why he did what he did. I am thankful that all came out at the end. I highly recommend this book and would be surprised if anyone could read it without putting it down.

B. Wolper

Well that's 1 week of my life I'll never get back. Wretchedly long winded.

Team Cricket

I could not put this down. From the minute I picked it up to the minute I finished it. 2 days. The plot is amazing, the characters rich and luminous. Passion, ethics, history and everyday people woven into a tapestry of life and sorrow. Bravo to the author.


A hanger-on to the last. However, I got a little lost in the finale of the truth finally being told. The marriage of the pastor’s widow as well as the engagement between Joel and Mary were not developed in more detail. Overall, an magnetic account of the death march and guerrilla warfare.


Forced myself to finish the book and expected a better end. Historically accurate though .


A disjointed and painfully long book. Disappointing for a John Grisham novel.


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