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By: Brit Bennett
Relase Date: 2016-10-11
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary

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This book is so powerful. As someone who has lost their mother at a young age I felt so touched by Nadia, so much like her.


This book has been on my list to read for months. Brit did a splendid job with putting this together. It is a page turner! I couldn’t put this down. Goes into narrative about “Mothers”. I love the way the characters mingled together and how their stories painted a clear picture of who they were and why they were. True story of forgiveness, friendship, and love on more levels than one. Mothers, shape the world!


It's moving, it's funny, it's heartbreaking and it's heartwarming--all at the same time! I love reading books that so vividly describe characters and places that you can almost see yourself there talking to the author as they're describing the story. It's a great read that you won't want to put down.


I've only read The sample, half of it, actually! And, based on that I'm giving it four stars. I'll save the fifth until I complete the book but this seems like a great read. Was hoping for it and audio- but, I guess I'll have to do the work! Thus far, it's been funny and packed with drama, never dull. I'll be back at book's end to conclude. Read it w/ me!! Joyjoy hippy

Joyjoy hippy

Superb story telling. Deeply moving novel of growing, loving and the impact and effects personal choices have on the lives of ones who love us and those whom we love. The "mothers" voices are strong and richly drawn. Intense read.

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